#adventuresinwray - Wray Wayfarers

#adventuresinwray - Wray Wayfarers

Exploring the connections that that bind us together as a community of individuals navigating our space in the world is one of our favourite adventures. 

Since our first community series in 2021 (here), we've been itching to bring together another group of powerful, gorgeous souls to explore their stories and to find out more about the adventures they've been embarking on. 

This Wayfarer series brings together women we admire who are carving out their own paths and living life by the values they believe in.

By sharing their stories, we hope for them to be a gentle reminder to others that we don’t have to only accept success based on society’s benchmarks, and to remember the importance of showing ourselves love and being gentle on our journeys.

Autumn (@withautumn.sg)

Multidisciplinary textile artist Autumn is always exploring and embracing what brings her joy. A woman of many talents (she's also a lecturer and food content creator), she's turned her passion and love for all things craft into her career. Find out how bravely exploring different things has led Autumn to be able to live her passion every day. 

[Read her feature here]

Renee (@irrangtional) - We'll be sharing more about Renee soon

Ummu (@ummuramics) - We'll be sharing more about Ummu soon

Gloria (@bulgolgibooo) - We'll be sharing more about Gloria soon