Anchored in community and heritage, we believe in working as closely to the ground as possible. Our pieces are produced in small batches and are the result of working and learning alongside artisanal communities and independent craftspeople in Udaipur. As a small batch label, our producers vary from collection to collection.

Meet some of the people who make Wray happen.

Latest Collection
For our latest collection, we worked alongside a production team comprising of a father and son tailoring duo and a single handwork artisan and pattern maker. With everything in flux and adjustments being made due to the pandemic, this scaled down team provided us with the flexibility needed to keep our direct to the ground approach. 

Madan-ji worked 20 years as the shop tailor for a family businesses until he started his own shop that's now run by him and his son in a hidden little street in the Old City.

Handwork Artisan
All the handwork on this collection was single handedly done by Meena.  Since Covid had shut down schools, she's been unable to go to her university classes. Additionally, many family incomes has been affected by the pandemic. By working on our pieces while she's at home, she's able to help contribute to supporting her family. 

Pattern Maker
When our pattern maker isn't working with NGOs or help us draw up our designs, him and his wife also run their own tailoring shop. 


Previous Collections

We worked with Mewar Dharohar to produce our first two collections. Lead by Moti and his wife Manoharee, Mewar Dharohar employs women in communities within the city of Udaipur and in the villages of Thoor and Barodiya. By creating employment close to their homes, Mewar Dharohar empowers women to earn income without having to leave their families and move to large garment making cities.