Anchored in community and heritage, we believe in working as closely to the ground as possible. Our pieces are produced in small batches and are the result of working and learning alongside artisanal communities in Udaipur.

Meet some of the people who make Wray happen.

Moti spent his early years in the garment industry learning how to stitch and sew men's shirts and pants at a little tailoring shop in Udaipur. After a short stint as a milkman in Mumbai, he then spent the next 10 years at a women's social enterprise in Udaipur as their Master Patternmaker. After saving enough money, he took a leap of faith to start his own women's group called Mewar Dharohar, employing women in communities within the city and the villages Thoor and Barodiya.

Manoharee, or affectionately called Bhabi-ji (brother's wife), has been married to Moti for 21 years. Traditionally, women are expected to stay home as housewives but now that their two sons are older, she has been the boss lady doing anything from stitching, cutting, quality control, to teaching other artisans.

Vishaka is an artist on top of being a stitcher and embroiderer. With a diploma in Textiles, and a love for painting and art, she is our go-to for collaboration on new designs. At 23, this is her first job and wears many hats including teaching other artisans our embroidery and translating between us and artisans.

Nirmala is often the one instigating laughter at the office and insists she is forever 32 years young. She learned to stitch at home, making traditional garments like Lehengas and Kurtis and this is her first actual job.

Santosh came to Mewar Dharohar via Vishaka and her mom (they are neighbors!) Before being trained in stitching, she taught English and Math to children in the 1st and 2nd standards. Always looking to improve and widen her skills, she has learned karate and currently learning computer skills.

Sushila quite literally just walked by the office and saw a poster for a job. With some previous experience working a small ready made garment shop, she now does all the finishing, pressing and checking for us while being trained to stitch garments.