For many of us, adventures have started taking root in different ways. Staying closer to home has meant spending more time exploring the cities we live in or spending more time with our own thoughts and interests. These every day explorations may seem little, but undoubtedly have a profound impact on us and should be celebrated!

Slip on one of our wrap dresses and feel that familiar spark of joy of being ready to embrace your next adventure

Inspired by the joy and magic of exploration

Wray Crafted is a reminder to celebrate every day for the adventure it brings; our timeless, easy wearing pieces are designed to take you from discovering new experiences in your own backyard to diving headfirst into overseas escapades

Created alongside artisan communities, produced in limited batches.

Anchored in community and heritage, we believe in working as closely to the ground as possible. Our pieces are the result of working and learning alongside artisanal communities in Rajasthan, India. 

To do our part for the environment, our collections are produced in limited runs to minimise waste.
Once they are gone, they might be gone forever!

Adventures In Wray

A further exploration of the things that ground Wray Crafted
Sustainable and slow fashion values, the communities we work alongside and meet, and the beauty of the countries we've experienced

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