Wray Community - Autumn

Wray Community - Autumn

Autumn is someone that revels in creating. She's the owner of multidisciplinary textile art and natural dye studio With Autumn, teaches design in fashion school and also creates food content. 

In a previous (corporate) life, Autumn worked in graphic design, branding, advertising and F&B. With the mission to share the magic of traditional fibre crafts and the joy of creating in mind, she pivoted to start her studio. 

Today, she shares her love of natural dyes though With Autumn, by organising workshops and experiences that focus on the joy of crafting and meaningful design as well as Honest Hues - her line of 100% natural dyed goodies and DIY kits.


Craft definitely feels like it runs in your veins. Could you share with us a little more about your journey with it?    

I have always been a crafty kid! Art and music were my favourite subjects in school, and I picked up crochet at the age of 5 just by watching my auntie (monkey see monkey do! Haha). It was a natural progression I went to design school and work in the design industry, but textile crafts have always been my hobby from cross stitch to sewing to knitting and weaving.

I always saw what I love to do as a hobby until when I was studying in Melbourne, it was then I witnessed that one can actually do crafts for a living, that got me ignited. I quit my full time job in a design agency in 2010 and started my first business making and selling bags, there was no turning back since then.

With so much on your plate, have you ever experienced burnout or moments of overwhelming stress? How do you recognize the signs, and what steps do you take to deal with it?

Yes, I recently experienced burnout and only realised that after talking to my husband. I was feeling uncreative, easily frustrated and stuck in the comfort zone. I took a holiday to recharge. I also did an excel calculation on business finances to check how long I can go on if I don’t do anything – no Ads, no new stuff, no events – just letting business run itself and take the lead. This gave me confidence and a known duration I can take to really put everything down to realign.

When you run your own business, it can feel strange to step back and look at the success you've achieved - In your case building up your business to a point where you can comfortably take a break. How have you come to understand success on your terms?

I grew up in a typical Chinese Singaporean family where success is measured by the title you hold in the company, your paycheck and the material goods you own. Now, success to me simply means having a purpose in life yet not having to worry about things, both financially and emotionally.

Advice for my past self: Don’t let others define your own success, only you have control over how to get there.

How do you prioritize self-care while pursuing your passions? Are there any specific practices or routines that help you maintain a healthy balance?

I like to share my thoughts and struggles instead of bottling them up. Sharing helps me sort things out subconsciously and find answers. On days I feel stuck and unmotivated, I also spring clean my studio as that helps me organise my thoughts too.

In what ways have you learned to celebrate small victories and milestones along your journey as a form of self-acknowledgment?

I like to reward myself with a gift from my wishlist, or treat my hubby and I to our usual spot for martinis, prawn cocktail and oysters. Gift giving is my love language.

One thing that helps us to recalibrate when things get challenging is indulging in simple everyday adventures. Is there one that you indulge in? 

I indulge in good food and wine and cake. I enjoy both the cooking and eating part. I also knit and crochet to unwind, as they are crafts I don’t teach in the studio.


With Autumn runs a full schedule of workshops and textile explorations throughout the year. She has a few spots left for her upcoming Indigo Shibori Masterclass retreat happening in June. Nik took part in last year's edition and really recommends it. Find out more here