Wray Community - Renee

Wray Community - Renee

Our first in-person encounter with Renee was at Boutiques Fair with her sister. We had a great time speaking to her because she was so enthusiastic about hearing about our values and finding out more about how the pieces were created. 

But what really stuck with us about that interaction was that as she browsed, she started interacting with other fellow shoppers - Passing on the information we just shared and sharing kind compliments about the pieces they were trying on. 

Since then, we've become friends and our first impression of Renee still remains accurate; If there's one word we strongly associate with Renee it's connection. 

Renee sometimes jokes that she can sell anything and we'd agree. Not because she's pushy but because she takes so much effort to listen and understand what drives and interests people.

Find out more how this natural inclination drives her to live life on her terms.


From our interactions, we know how strongly you feel about human connection and being supportive of each other. Even your day job is about connecting people and finding solutions that contribute to having positive impact, can you share a little more about what you do? 

I'm currently working in the education sector focusing on industry outreach and promoting a work and learn programme.

I literally “fell” into education and as with all new careers, the first 6 months was brutal. But having the opportunity to be that “beacon” for young adults spurred me on. For most, all they needed was a listening ear and encouragement to know that each set-back was not permanent and is a learning opportunity that will help them grow.

My current role involves engaging industry partners and again, it involves listening to partners to recognize their needs and problems. Being able to do that for them and recommend plausible solutions keeps the fire going!

Have there been moments of self-discovery during your journey, where you learned more about yourself and your strengths? Please tell us more.

There were definitely moments of struggles and self-doubt, where I've worried that 'being tough' would put me in bad light and also having to learn that tricky balance between “being tough & being nice”. 

There will continue to be such moments and what I have learnt is that “giving my all and doing the work to my best ability” is an innate part of me which I cannot gloss over. Perhaps to some, this might be taken negatively and I could be seen as “trying too hard / boss pleaser” but hey - I take pride in my work and I'm not ashamed of it! 

We live in a society where success is often spoken about, and viewed in quite narrow terms. Can you share with us how you've come to understand success in your terms? 

It’s so easy to get caught in the daily grind and social expectations of keeping up with the Joneses to feel successful and I don’t deny that was something I got caught up with in my younger days.
I can honestly share I felt I was only properly #adulting when when I turned 40 (with monetary commitments that were scary and made me realize I could not “fluff” around anymore). 

It's funny because when this realisation kicked in, you'd think I'd feel even more pressure, but instead the weight to keep up was lifted. 

For me, I would say it's a case of fulfilling Maslow's hierarchy of needs - I realised that with #adulting, I had taken on more responsibilities and at the same time fulfilled my basic physiological + safety needs. So now, success to me is having the ability to focus on self-actualisation, and perform to the best of my ability as part of this universe!

What advice would you offer to your past self about defining and pursuing success on your own terms? 

Do your very best and grow at your own pace, the corporate ladder is not for everyone! Also - hang on for the rollercoaster ride that is life and scream when you have to!

Working in a job that requires lots of human interaction and solutions that need to be tailored can be exhausting. One thing that helps us to recalibrate when things get challenging is indulging in simple everyday adventures. Is there one that you indulge in? 

My job requires me to be on the laptop all the time so once I have the chance, I actually like to just zen on my sofa with a book in hand and try to read (alas, I borrow faster than my reading speed).

Meanwhile, I have an unhealthy collection of crystals (I blame covid!) and recently have started to appreciate Batik pieces. Halp!!


Follow Renee on her adventures (she gives really great independent brand and travel recommendations) at https://www.instagram.com/irrangtional/.