#adventuresinwray - Forging Connections

It wouldn't seem right talking about embracing adventure without sharing ones of our own. One of our favourite everyday adventures is exploring human connections. We love hearing about what interests and moves people, the values they subscribe to and the explorations they are embarking on. 

As a salute to the magic of community and a reminder that we are not alone in exploring our place in this world and what brings us joy, we’ll be introducing some of the amazing women we’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with to you. 

We'll keep adding to this page so visit any time you are in the need of a little reminder of the kinship that exists amongst us and for ideas on every day adventures to embark on ✨


Tammy, owner of Ssek Jewelry shares more about how she keeps making inspired pieces and how a good cry and short break can help hit the reset button. Read her feature here


Written by Wray Crafted