Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Oh the holidays! I love any reason to celebrate any time of the year, but Christmas has always been the mother of all holidays for me. I come from a family where the Christmas tree goes up in October and gets taken down in February so no other holiday can knock it off its number one spot.

For Filipino Catholics, we have Noche Buena, which traditionally means having your Christmas feast after midnight mass on Christmas eve; we don’t have the patience for that (you wouldn’t either if you saw our festive spread) so we invite friends and family for dinner and we eat and drink all night together. Nik and I have known each other since we were 10, so she’s been to a good number of these annual feasts - spot her in the crowd at one of our Christmas dinners.

As we got older, we started hosting our own Christmas dinners with our smaller, more intimate friends group. It changes year to year - sometimes one of us is up for hosting and home cooking, or a restaurant Christmas menu, or potlucks - but every year it’s a night of catching up, reminiscing, and deep belly laughs (and way too full bellies).

Our last Christmas together in person, December 2019

Christmas together in this digital, pandemic age

I’ve spent the last 13 years living abroad away from Singapore but have managed to come home almost every Christmas except these 2 pandemic years, so to make up for it, I’ve infused as much holiday spirit as I could into our latest collection; it’s a bit of a departure from our usual light, bright and cheery, but cheerful nonetheless, and what I hope serves as a little reminder of the bright sparks and warmth your favourite people, places and memories bring. 

I hope you take us with you on all your year end festivities and beyond.

In the spirit of the season, we'll also be speaking to Yun (one of the models from the collection's photoshoot) and Pamelia (half of Seasonings Magazine) to find out more how they celebrate the Holidays and what it means to them.