Exploring the Spirit of the Holidays - Yun

Exploring the Spirit of the Holidays - Yun

Beyond being the models for our Holiday Capsule shoot, we've always known Yun, Illya and their adorable crew to bring on the Holiday spirit every Christmas.

From amazing themed Christmas parties and inspired DIYs to self organised photo shoots, these ladies are the embodiment of festive cheer. Which is why when we starting planning for our Holiday Capsule shoot, we were hankering to get them on board to model for us. 

We got Yun to share with us more about how this group of fast friends spends the Holidays together and what it means to them.  


Words and Pictures by Yun 

We were raised in a time where Haji Lane was thriving on culture, beauty & excitement around every corner. By fate, we were brought together in a cozy boutique at the head of the lane, and in the two-storey shophouse was where we didn’t know we’d make the best memories together.

We became fast friends, close knit; seeing each other almost 5 days a week was bound to do that.

With the years we spent working in the beautiful boutique, we learnt a thing or two about throwing themed parties, to say the least. Parallel to conceptualising themed sale parties in the store, we soon began to theme our own Christmas parties.

It’s been 10 years since our first Christmas party together.

We’ve made merry with the tacky 80’s, showed up to a no-theme party in matching dresses, and gotten real with how we all look on a Zoom meeting - ready-to-hustle on the top, and namastay-in-bed-after-this-call on the bottom.

Perhaps it’s complete faith in the good, or simply the magic of Christmas, but in spite of the uncertainty the pandemic has brought, deep inside we know Christmas will never feel different.

We just have to throw on our best dress and show up for each other.