Pre-order FAQs

How long will my pre-order piece take to reach me?

For this round of pre-orders (Dec 22 - Dec 31 2023), it will take an estimated period of 4-6 weeks with a delivery goal of mid February 2024. As all our pieces are handmade by our artisans from fabric to finishing, many factors contribute to the final delivery date.

We will provide timely updates and will inform you of any significant delays.

I don't see my size, can I request a custom size?

If you do not see your size in our standard size charts, please feel free to email us at and we can work something out for you. 

Can I cart out a mix of pre-order and in stock items? 

If you purchase a mix of in stock and pre-order items, in stock items will be shipped first. 

Return Policy for pre-order items

All pieces follow our standard return policy stated here. Any pieces that are specially customized are non returnable and non refundable.

Meet some of the people who make Wray happen

  • Kalava Crafts

  • Madan ji and Sagar

  • Bunty

  • Meena

  • Mewar Dharohar

Our principle producer, Kalava Crafts was founded in 2014 by Madhu to help provide employment opportunities to women artisans.

Located in Udaipur, Kalava Crafts works with 125 women's artisans including tribals and marginalised & disadvantaged groups. By working closely with traditional weavers, designers and artisans, Kalava Crafts strives to place Indian craft at the forefront of the design world.

Madan-ji worked 20 years as the shop tailor for a family business until he started his own shop that he runs with his son Sagar. Over the years working together, we've seen them grow from a tiny shop in a small street in the Old City to a bigger showroom on the main road near the City Palace.

Bunty had worked as a shop tailor for a handicrafts emporium before opening his own tailoring shop just down the street from Madan ji. It's a full family affair as his wife and mother works alongside him.

Meena is a university student that worked on the hand embroidery for all our collections so far. With Covid shutdowns affecting schools and disrupting her studies, working on our pieces while she’s at home helps her contribute to supporting her family.

We worked with Mewar Dharohar to produce our first two collections. Led by Moti and his wife Manoharee, Mewar Dharohar employs women in communities within the city of Udaipur and in the villages of Thoor and Barodiya. By creating employment close to their homes, Mewar Dharohar empowers women to earn income without having to leave their families and move to large garment making cities.